August 18, 2019

A citrusy fragrance that’ll keep you energised way beyond that morning coffee.

Gentleman Givenchy, Eau de toilette 100ml, Givenchy, £69,00 RRP

Photographed by Alexis Negrin

Words by Saroj Spickett


June 11, 2019

A reviving scent you’ll love to the moon and back.

Essential, Eau de toilette 100ml, Cerruti 1881, £37,10 RRP

Photographed by John Siryana

Set design by Alexis Negrin

Words by Saroj Spickett


September 17, 2018

Only the brave street, Perfume 50ml , Diesel, £46,00 RRP

Photographed by Alexis Negrin


September 2, 2018

HELLO YOU! Eau de Toilette 50ml , Paul Smith, £35,00 RRP

Photographed by Alexis Negrin


August 6, 2018

Klassik Men's Eau De Toilette 50ml, KARL LAGERFELD, £49.00 RRP

Photographed by Alexis Negrin

Styled by Cristina Fado

March 21, 2018

Whether by choice or necessity there is no doubt that colour-treated hair is on-trend. If you know what I am talking about keep reading. 

You should already be aware that hair of this-this kind needs to be treated carefully. We are in constant fear of choosing the wrong products, fear that they may damage or wear away our colour. However, all of the Colour Proof products are based on colour p...

October 22, 2017

When it comes to dermatological facial prevention, usually, young people lack in creams specific to eye care. Like that, most of our life the products that we apply over our skin does not have any or too little effect because of many physiologic, anatomic and product related reasons. As the years cross by our face, we realise that many problems can affect the orbital eye region. From fatigue eyes...

October 8, 2017

No. 1 For Men Perfume by Clive Christian

Re(de)fine your life!
Certainly a perfume for a change life moment. This is an orchestrated element essential to go behind what is acceptable & yet traditional. From the intensely green herbal notes of bergamot, lime and mandarin to the cardamom-spiced rich vanilla, amber and Mysore Indian sandalwood, it will be the one that instead attracting the crowd, it...

September 21, 2017

<AIR Eau de Parfum> is created by Chanho Shin director’s inspiration from bright weather and fresh air in Island. AIR by Liful Minimal Garments appeals its uniqueness through collaboration with Maison de Parfum, widely known for its knowledge and understanding of creating scents, and Liful’s appraised simplicity. Furthermore, you can experience an air like fresh aroma created by world-reowned perf...

August 24, 2017

 Homme prada cologne for men

Every day is different and this Prada can gets you anywhere!
For the men who is instinctive, human & highly sensual, this perfume is here to shake you up through a cosmopolitan life, where everything comes in doubles & nights are just like the sun of your days. You are never getting older with Geranium, Iris and Patchouli, the special elements of this perfume. 


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May 23, 2020

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