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  • Alexis Negrín

London Fashion Week Men's 2017 AW17

January 6th

London Fashion Week Men's 2017



Hermeilio Miguel Aquino


I woke up in the morning surprisingly not hungover, got myself ready, grabbed my morning spirulina green shake, grabbed my camera bag, grabbed my keys and I was out the door.

I'm ready, alive and pumped for London Mens Fashion Week.

But first, I simply had to stop at the Hospital Club and have my morning green tea, follow up by morning eggs at Cafe Monaco.

Okay! Now, I'm officially ready! Hailed a cab, got in, practised my cockney accent with the driver - got to the venue and right away I saw what the Autumn/ Winter Season is all about this year!

This season is all about postmodern glamour.

A mixture of 90's American grunge fashion mixed with 1980's Punk London street fashion with an alluring hint of 1970's rock.

I quickly took a few snaps outside of Berlin model and musician Elias Gonzal wearing : Barbara I gongini

Now it was time to go inside.

Ran to catch Bobby Abley's show! Snapped some runway shots - Power rangers? I literally was taking pictures of models wearing power Ranger outfits!

He absolutely smashed it! Might need to get myself one of those helmets.

The rest of the day ended in high. Went to a greasy hip Chinese joint in Covent Garden and somehow everyone there seemed to be wearing something inspired by the show - even myself! WTF!

Then it suddenly hit me -

The inspiration this year has really come from the streets, the youth, soho night clubs, and the shoreditch strip.

London will forever be a Mens Fashion dream!

It's always fresh, current and alive..

Just like this years show!

Photographer - Hermeilio Miguel Aquino.

Assistant - Robyn Aquino

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