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  • Alexis Negrín

Percent 51 SS17

In the present age, we live in someone's "gaze". This season we want to talk about "gaze"

Someone's gaze has a positive, sometimes negative, effect on us. It is a dual existence.

Some people are struggling for "gaze" because they are tied to "gaze" rather than coming from their own essence. There are envy and respect for the person who voluntarily lives his or her life, and there are those who go to receive the "gaze" of others, not for oneself. It is also dangerous to lose your direction of "essence" in the end.

The duality of this "gaze" We wanted to convey the message that we should not be tied to gaze through the medium of "CCTV", among which CLOSED - CIRCUIT is usually confined to "gaze" I have adopted them as an implicit season theme word for extreme representation of living people.

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