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  • Alexis Negrín

Takara Wong A/W17 "Judas"

Bangkok-based label Takara Wong introduces their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection"Judas," an exploration on topics of Christianity, Judas, Jesus and Dark Metal

The story of Judas, a controversial figure in Christian history who betrayed Jesus, leading Christ to Crucifixion is a fascinating tales; would salvation happened without Jesus’ Resurrection? Was Judas the figure of a devil? Bangkok-based menswear label Takara Wong’s Creative Director Takara Thakorn Wannawong was deeply inspired by those stories, along with an infamous engraving by Gustave Doré “The Judas Kiss” and Dark Metal music, which was influenced deeply by religion resulted in his Autumn/Winter 2017 collection “Judas,”

“No Judas, No Jesus,” is the main concept of the collection. Wannawong positioned Judas as Christ’s warrior through materials reflecting biblical verses telling the story of Judas and his relationship with Jesus. From the use of silver embroidery, silver buttons with rays engraving, draping resembling the clothes seen during the age of Christ’s crucifixion meets in harmony with robe and hooded silhouettes seen in many Christian’s painting along with versatile silhouette to silhouette items that the wearer could style to their liking. Outerwear pieces included materials such as fur decorated with upside down cross embroidery with studs all around it. Wannawong want to show both side of good and evil in religious terms, as the cross represent Christ, but at the same time the upside down Cross argumentatively is a symbol for the devil, in this case may or may not be Judas. The color ways used in this collection also reflected the unknown, murky side of humanity such as olive, green, grey and black.

Dark Metal music and street sub-culture is also an influential point in “Judas,” as many of the lyrics incorporate religious theme along with verses exploring good and evil. Some of the highlighted technique are all in the details such as pleated on denim fabric. Key Items range from quilt military green blazer decorated with patch works, studs and gathering detail at the back match with straight tailor suits in the same color. Some of the silhouette still focus on catering to both male and female, focusing on X shape, creating a focus around the waist, a spandex fabric hoodie with hand painted silver metallic, baggy trousers and denim mixed with glitters and cross motif embroidery.

Creative Director/Designer: Takara Thakorn Wannawong

Photographer : JEERAW

Stylist : Kiekie Delarue

MUAH : Peach Jaitham

Model : Timofei / Miagchilo

IG: @takarawong_official

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