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  • Alexis Negrín

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy FW18 - LFWM

Whilst I'm not one to usually swear in my writing this show has lost me for more demure words. It was fucking amazing. The team at Charles Jeffrey has managed to combine the magic of fashion, theatre and performance in what proved to be THE show of AW18. As I posted in my social media; you know a show is going to be good when they have a live drummer playing Prodigy. But to his impeccable credit, Jeffrey did not compromise on style for this extravaganza. Hailing back to Scottish roots the collection was a triumph to traditional Wallace tartans alongside the Loverboy's contemporary style. Elizabethan elegance, slogan motifs, graphic prints and gunshot holes tearing through heaving knit - if you tried to describe the collection to anyone it would sound like a nightmarish mash up of so many themes it would surely be doomed to fail. Yet it is exactly this nonconformity that Jeffrey has proven to not only embrace but clearly thrive in. I cannot end this piece without mentioning a few of the many contributing elements of the show - exquisite make up from Lucy Bridge and the M.A.C PRO team whose painted faces proved the perfect war paint for the army of models. Complimented by the creations of John Vial for Revlon Professionals with a dizzying array of styles; glossed hair nets, grungey slicked down design and the stunning head pieces from Leo Carlton. I can honestly say I left the show speechless, breathless and feeling a little giddy in my emotion. Now if that isn't how fashion is meant to make you feel I quite frankly don't know what is.

A beautiful spectacle to behold. Charles Jeffrey; what a fucking legend.

Charles Jeffrey unveils its collection for the Fall/Winter 2018 during London Fashion Week Men's.

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