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  • Alexis Negrín

Christopher Raeburn FW18 - LFWM

In what has to be a fashion week highlight so far, Christopher Raeburn delivers another brilliant and punchy show. Thumping beats, flashing lights, orange pops and that signature squid; the latest collection from the Raeburn team did not fail to impress. The collection as a whole had the classic Raeburn feel - functional fashion with clever twists and the usual splash of now iconic 4R's tape. What continues to impress me though is the strong message behind the collections, with AW18 no different. Sustainability lies at the heart of the brand with this season seeing strong collaborations with Finisterre, Palladium boots and the continued partnership of denim makers; Blackhorse Lane Ateliers. Whilst I am in love with the ethos, the brand can sometimes feel a little practical and this collection is no different. However, super slick hair and high gloss faces added a fresh touch, lifting the overall feel for the show, kicking it back to a firm fashion favourite. A final small but very important touch - whilst most designers quickly pop out at the end, barely giving the press time to fix their flash, Raeburn breaks the norm once again with an almost full walk of the runway. A brilliant and strong collection from the Raeburn brand this season.

Christopher Raeburn unveils its collection for the Fall/Winter 2018 during London Fashion Week Men's.

Photographer Edward Rivera

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