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  • Alexis Negrín

Blood Brother FW18 - LFWM

Ever wondered what Blood Brother would look like born and bred in the 80s? Well wonder no more, as everyone’s favourite contemporary-meets-street design duo Nicholas Biela and James Waller, aka Blood Brother, took to the runway showcasing expensive taste and a concrete investment for AW18. Money, sometimes, can buy you style…and if you’re lucky, some swanky streetwear.

It’s no secret that luxurious, designer streetwear had more than a moment in 2017 and with a River Island Design Forum collab already launched, Blood Brother celebrated their success with a catwalk debut complete with a National Lottery inspired back-drop, Madonna’s beat heavy ‘Lucky Star’ blasting and simple, fun, yet bang on the money styling. Kerching.

‘It Could Be You’ emblazoned jumpers brought the brand's prosperous aesthetic to the forefront, whilst painted ‘Money Bags’ jackets and blazers reworked tailored silhouettes in sportswear inspired fabrics. Retro, draw-string dungarees alongside belted, padded and quilted ski-suits and lux, leather overcoats were also noteworthy, instant winners.

Lucky dips and a bonus ball were found in the slightly out of place snakeskin and animal print offerings, but you can’t win them all. Overall a witty and wealthy collection telling the tale that on occasion, hard work really does pay off.

Blood Brother unveils its collection for the Fall/Winter 2018 during London Fashion Week Men's.

Photographer Edward Rivera

Words by Lewis Cameron

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