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  • Alexis Negrín

Nicola Indelicato SS18 Lookbook

SOUVENIR D’ITALIE, development and enhancement of previous collection ‘Bella Italia’, takes inspiration from old dated family photographs: from some snap-shots taken between Venice and Florence, to Nicola's parents wedding’s memories.

Broken down, recreated and redesigned, they become the fundamental nucleus upon which the collection is about. Around the supporting theme, connected matters are strengthened, giving life to all the rest of items included in the latter.

Tailleurs and formal male dressing items are after Plata Quemada, a 2000 Venice Festival movie by Marcel Piñero, inspired by a true story which occurred in Argentina in the 60’s. Two young homosexual criminals, with diametrically opposed characters, nicknamed ‘The Twins’ because of their likeness, upset the entire country with a powerful criminal wave.

Snap-shots from a brasilian photographer, Lauro Justin, in collaboration with Marcel Piñero, make ‘all over ‘printings take off. Here, bodies and hands draft and outline a new texture.

Undershirts, oversized or with huge necklines, as the shorts/boxers, come from a careful observation of gangs clothes born in the same Country as the artist.

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