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  • Saroj Spickett


Bianca Saunders creates easy-to-wear garments that incorporate clever tailoring. Think loosely fitted trousers that can make an easy transition from day to night. Her collections speak to millennials who have fallen under the spell of athleisure or comfortable power dressing. Fitted puffer jackets, oversized sweatshirts sit alongside crisp, tailored shirts and fitted waistcoats, mixing traditional with modern. Saunders sticks to a simple palette of whites, clues and blacks which keeps her collections focused and neat.

Saunders has always been proud to showcase her British-West Indian heritage and how that translates to a life in London. Fresh off the block, Saunders recently graduated from The Royal College of Art with a masters in menswear design. She’s off to a flying start and doesn’t intend on stopping any time soon.

Photographed by Alex Piñero

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