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  • Saroj Spickett


Bobby Abley unveiled his Autumn/Winter 2018 collection during London Fashion Week Men's.

Pokemon Go might have been and gone in the gaming world, but Bobby Abley is bringing it straight back into mainstream culture with his A/W19 collection that centres around his favourite characters from the popular game.

His previous collections have seen the likes of Looney Tunes as the focal point, but now it’s the turn of Charmander, Mewtwo and of course, Pikachu, who actually took to the catwalk at one point. Matching trousers and sweaters that featured the same characters created bold, playful looks. Whether you are looking for a t-shirt to bring some fun to your wardrobe or you are ready to commit to a padded coat covered with Pokemon, there’s something for everyone. Perhaps the most memorable piece was a certain rucksack that took the shape of the much-desired Poke Ball. So simple and yet Abley has created a novelty item that will take the gaming and fashion world by storm.

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