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  • Alexis Negrín


Men and women are completely different when it comes to their health and wellbeing. A woman would have no issues attending a doctor's appointment if something wasn’t quite right. A man would leave it until a few symptoms occurred or when things got too tough. If there is an issue in life, a hurdle holding you back, a woman is more likely to share the load and talk about their problems with family or friends, a man is less likely to do this. Why is that? Men don’t tend to talk about things, especially if it’s something that worries them. However, not talking about these things can end up causing more harm than good. Many males have health worries, and they do stress over them. A lot of men have worries over their lives and livelihood, with that in mind, here are some of the common ones.

When it comes to your health

Health is one of the biggest factors that causes stress in a man's life but it isn;t just common issues with health that they face. Stress can be caused through a whole matter of things to do with your bodily functions and often they are ignored through fear of embarrassment. But the common theme is that they can cause a lot of stress and upheaval. Here are some of the most common health issues that can cause stress in a mans life.

Erectile Dysfunction or Infertility

While it isn’t a disease as such, it can be a symptom of an underlying health problem. Erectile dysfunction can be particularly worrying for a man. The health problems it could relate to are things such as diabetes or heart disease. But most commonly erectile dysfunction can lead to depression. This isn't the taboo it once was and treatable for many men, Tadalafil is a popular treatment to help men suffering with Erectile dysfunction. Infertility can also be another cause which can be a huge concern for men, especially if you are trying to start a family.

Issues when it comes to sexual performance and sexual health

Erectile dysfunction is not the only thing that you may need to think about when it comes to performance, and sometimes it means that you need to consider other factors and treatments. You may be wondering how to deal with this common problem and the fact is it is very common and more men should talk about it and get some help if needed. Sexual performance is something that you should feel confident in, and so if there is anything troubling you seek some advice and guidance to help you start to feel better. You also need to take care of your sexual health and this can also be a worry if you have experienced symptoms. Make sure you get checked regularly.


Men don’t tend to talk about things. Some men’s view is that it can be a sign of weakness. However, depression is much more common amongst men today than we would believe. It can be caused by many different factors. From worrying about stress in life, or having low mood and confidence. Depression, if untreated, can lead to bigger problems in the future. It’s essential to talk about these feelings. If you are looking for some ways to handle depression then check out tips online which can have some great suggestions.

Prostate Cancer

For men, prostate cancer is one of the biggest cancers a male can get. The prostate gland is only in the male. The screening can be unpleasant. While sometimes cancer doesn’t present more obvious symptoms, it can go unnoticed for some time. It’s always advisable to get a prostate examination done. Early detection can mean curing the cancer. There are many different options to handle prostate cancer.

Gaining weight

Men do worry about gaining weight. Not only does it affect their opinion of themselves but it can be a cause of other health problems. Weight gain can be linked to diabetes. Often weight gain can be tackled head on with little medical need. It can be as simple as changing your lifestyle or eating habits. However, increased weight gain can affect your health and the clothes you wear. If you are concerned speaking to your doctor may put your mind at ease.

Issues when it comes to their finances

One big thing that can cause stress in a man's life is their finances. There is that old belief that men are the breadwinners and should be able to provide for their families. Today, this is far from the reality for so many families but yet a man can still worry about their financial situation and also find that they feel intimidated if their partner earns more than they do. Here are some of the common stresses when it comes to finances.

Problems with debt

You may find that debt is one of the biggest causes of stress when it comes to your financial situation. It can cause you to feel sad and worried and perhaps even fearful of what the future holds. The main issue with debt is that you will find that so many bury their heads in the sand and hope it will go away, whereas this is simply not going to be the case. If you have debt issues make sure you work on the problems, get a budget together and start making some positive changes.

Not earning enough money

We have already mentioned that not being the breadwinner in a relationship can cause stress and problems, but not earning enough money can also cause stress in a man’s life. You may find that you start to feel worried about ambitions you have financially and not being able to make ends meet. If this is a worry for you, take i me to think about the actionable steps you could take. Perhaps a career change or going for a promotion at work, for example.

Issues when it comes to their relationships

Finally, when it comes to stress in a man’s life the final thing to discuss in relationships. Your relationships can cause big problems if they are not in a good place, so you may want to start looking at some of the positive changes you can make or addressing problems that your relationship may be facing.

A marriage break up

Nobody expects to get married only to find that it fails and ends up in divorce. But this is a common problem for so many these days and can be a huge stress in your life. Especially if things are not amicable, there are a lot of assets to sort and you also need to think about children. A marriage breakup can be an awful period of your life, and having a lawyer on your side could be a great support for you. However, things do get better and you start to feel happier knowing that you have made the right choice for you and anyone involved.

Making a mistake

We all make mistakes, and sometimes we can make mistakes in our relationships. You may end up getting involved with somebody else while you are in a relationship, it could be that you make a mistake marrying someone or a mistake financially. These things do happen, and can be a leading cause of stress and strain on a relationship. Try and work things through and remembering honesty is the best policy.

Being single and worrying about meeting the right person

Finally, being single, believe it or not, can cause stress in a man’s life. Most will want to settle down eventually and have a family, and the worry of not finding the right person could mean that you are getting more stressed out about it. Try and relax and enjoy this time you have, meet people and socialise. It often happens when you least expect it.

Let’s hope that this has made you more aware of some of the things men worry about when it comes to their lives

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