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  • Alexis Negrín


You may be thinking to yourself at this stage, “Why do I even need clothes anymore? I’m at home most of the time anyway?” For shame! It doesn’t matter whether you’re stuck at home, scavenging for groceries, or having a beer with the boys for the first time in what feels like forever - you need the essentials! These three items listed below are not only crucial for a well-stocked wardrobe but will ensure getting dressed is always an easy yet stylish feat.

The Button-up Shirt

Classic yet necessary, a well-fitting button-up shirt can instantly turn whatever you’re wearing, be it a pair of jeans or polo shorts, into a complete outfit that's ready for any occasion. You can look at neutral colored shirts that look more formal, pastel-colored shirts for when you’re feeling adventurous, and also striped or checkered shirts for a much more casual and laid back look. Button-up shirts are also very airy so they can be worn whatever time of day, whatever the season may be. Style up with an intricate timepiece, or style down with a good pair of jeans - if you’re going to buy yourself a button-up shirt, go ahead and buy 10.

The Classic Denim

There are not a lot of clothing pieces that look as good as a pair of jeans. Whether you like your denim slim-fitting, skinny, wide leg, loose-fitting, or tapered - make sure they’re of good quality! Believe it - you can instantly spot whether a denim jean is more on the premium side or a piece of garbage. Wondering where you can find a bunch of genuine jeans? Have a look at for some well-crafted jeans that can even be ordered on a wholesale scale. Jeans are also appropriate for most occasions, whatever it may be, and will most probably also be one of the clothing items you wear the most in your wardrobe. This is an item you should have more than one or two off and will make getting dressed a breeze.

The Leather Boots

Having a pair of genuine leather boots is an investment because it will last you a pretty long time and won’t wear out as easily. A pair of boots will instantly take your outfit to a whole new level, and they never go out of style. Whether you’re out on a day trip or crawling the streets at night with some friends, these boots will make a statement and fit the occasion. Be sure to also go for a more expensive shoe, it might hurt for a moment to cough up the cash, but you won’t be sorry when all your friends are buying shoes every three months and yours still look like they were bought yesterday.

These are just 3 of some really necessary items you should always have on hand in your closet, and they are a surefire way to always dress stylishly yet effortlessly.


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