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  • Alexis Negrín


Christmas is nearly here, with less than a week to go you would think we’d have all our presents bought and wrapped. Well if you're anything like us, you might still have some last-minute shopping to do. If you are lucky enough to be in a tier that allows shops to stay open then head down to your nearest centre for those extra gifts, socially distanced of course. If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the shops then there are many online shops that are offering guaranteed delivery by Christmas.


Everyone loves to be pampered, even men. So why not head to a cosmetic shop like Boots or Superdrug, etc, and pick out some lotions, aftershave, or good quality razors. There are a huge variety of good quality razor kits you could buy such as Harry’s, Dollar Shave club or Gentleman Jon etc. If your husband, brother, dad or friend are more beard men then the clean shaven look then Balm House Beard Butter would make an excellent gift. Another good gift would be to upgrade their aftershave. 1 Million by Paco Rabanne, Bleu de Chanel and Dior’s Sauvage are all popular scents this year.


Although things are a bit uncertain at the moment, you could consider gifting an activity. There are a wide range of activities including, driving a supercar, trips away, wine tasting, skydiving, paintball, plus many more. Many of these experience sites offer an extension on validity if it is affected by Covid. The great thing about buying an experience for someone this close to christmas is that you can print the voucher off from home instantly.


Take advantage of those next day deliveries and buy some new clothes for your man. Avoid the standard socks for christmas gifts (unless it's what he wants) and opt for a nice warm jumper or a new stylish scarf. If you have a more extensive budget then why not put a whole outfit together, check out the look books and inspiration pages on the retailers sites for ideas. Pinterest is also a great site for inspiration, think about the whole outfit, a top, jeans, hoodie or a coat and don't forget the shoes too.


If your man is really picky or you are just really stuck on ideas then a voucher always does the trick. Find out what their favourite shop or restaurant is and put some money on a voucher for them to spend and use whenever they please. If your partner, dad, brother or friend is into gaming then find out what they play through such as Playstation, X-box, Origin, or Steam, etc, and buy them a voucher to use on that, we are sure whatever the voucher is they will be happy.


It’s Christmas time and everybody loves a little drink over the festive period. Find out what their favourite drink is and grab them a bottle when you do your christmas food shop. There are lots of gift sets you can buy in stores and online that have a variety of flavours or come with a decorative glass as a bonus. If they are a beer or wine enthusiast consider gifting them a subscription box or a make your own brew kit.

Get Creative

Get those creative juices flowing and consider gifting them something more personal. Write a few I.O.U’s and put them in a jar or small box. Idea’s can include:

‘I owe you…’

  • 3 course home cooked dinner

  • A weekend away

  • Breakfast in bed

  • A sensual massage

  • Dinner and a movie

  • Game night

  • Friday night drinks

  • A day to do whatever you want

We think your man would love these, he can redeem them whenever he wants and it's like the present that keeps on giving. If you are the hands on type and have a skill that you can put to use then you could think about gifting something you've made. If you are good at sewing you could sew a nice new wash bag or oven mit, or for more experienced sewers you could sew a new set of pajamas. If you are more into woodwork then you could carve them a serving board with their initials. Whatever it is, the hard work you put into it will show and make them love it more.

We hope we have helped you with some last minute ideas and have stopped you from panic buying unnecessary and possibly unwanted gifts. While you are here check out our 10 NEW YEAR'S FASHION & GROOMING ESSENTIALS FOR MEN, you won't be disappointed.


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