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  • Alexis Negrín


Reception are pleased to release their latest summer capsule collection in tribute to ‘Jazz, Blues &Soul bar in Shibuya-Tokyo.

“If you know, you know! But if you don’t, we are happy to share it with you and hopefully one day you will discover this unique place which inspired so many people (including us)over the last 18 years.”

JBS, as it is know to devout fans and locals, houses an impressive array of vintage and contemporary jazz vinyls.With over 10,000 records lining the wall cabinet, music is sleeved and alphabetised by instrument. Open 7 days a week, owner Kobayashi-san works there alone serving coffees & tees during the day, beers & spirits in the evening while playing records. His dedication is unique.

It makes JBS the perfect inspiration for Reception’s capsule collection. The brand continue to explore iconic venues and eateries the world over-shining light on these subcultural bastions and immortalising then amongst clothing culture.

The artisan quality of the capsule collection is created in partnership with Tokyo-based artist Mayumi Yamase. The ‘hands-on’ nature of vinyl records is mirrored in the gentle appliqué of painterly prints-‘JBS’ adorns tees in soft pastel colours, lifted from the hushed palette of the jazz bar.

The slip mat captured in baby blue and white watercolour-creating a blown-up polka dot print that adorns bowling shirts and pants.

For the lookbook, the brand asked photographer friends on the ground in Tokyo to visit the iconic JBS bar, meeting with it’s founder and owner Kobayashi-San. He appears throughout within the space, wearing tees emblazoned with his namesake bar. Grainy portraiture is mixed with the collection’s artwork - creating a dynamic image set that echoes the soft tone of jazz.


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