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  • Alexis Negrín

Clarisonic Alpha Fit

Finally, after 12 years and 10 million products sold worldwide, Clarisonic has engineered its first sonic skin cleansing device for men. We're not the only ones overjoyed; the women in our lives are glad that we're no longer stealing their Clarisonic devices.

Dubbed the Alpha Fit, the portable cleansing device is specially created to take care of men's shaven and bearded skin. According to Dr. Robb Akridge, co-founder and co-inventor of Clarisonic, men's skins are tricky due to its firmness, elasticity, lower pH and susceptibility to moisture loss. The Alpha Fit is designed to gently massage skin and flex pores, flushing both water and your facial cleanser into them to loosen and remove debris. Your face will feel exceptionally clean.

Using the waterproof Alpha Fit is ridiculously easy. Squeeze your facial cleanser onto the bristles, switch it on and put it to your face. After two weeks of regular usage, our beards and skins were noticeably softer, smoother and less prone to breakouts. The Clarisonic Alpha Fit doesn't even add an extra step into your grooming routine. Instead of using your hands to cleanse your face, you use the Alpha Fit. It's a product we highly recommend.

Clarisonic Alpha Fit, available at Clarisonic, priced £170.

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