• Alexis Negrín

Alexandre Pereira AW17

Alexandre Pereira

Do you recognize that feeling when you don’t know who you want to be anymore?

Or that other one when you are so connected to everything and so apart at the same time?

“Noise” is about our head and our place in society. Away from the touch but connected by wireless, a society where we see, touch and feel through images in screens. The world is nowadays like a scrapbook, with all the random placed information, a place full of noise, where the human side is about to lose.

“Noise” is not about technology, it’s a human answer to this new society, consumed by the virtual world. We can recognize this virtual addiction becoming bigger and bigger but we can’t be more than just slaves.

obey . consume . watch . buy . conform . work 8 hours . sleep 8 hours . play 8 hours . submit . wake up . repeat’

photos by Rui Vasco