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  • Alexis Negrín

Sean Suen_SS18_PFWM

If Place Vendôme didn't flourish within it first stones, no one could imagine that many years from that time, it could receive a fashion show full of futurism, new cuts, sizes while chic and contrasting with the antique eclectic collection of lottery machines from the 1900s at the Salle des Tirages of the Hôtel D'Évreux.

Sean Suen was the protagonist on this show and presented his spring-summer collection for 2018. From it, you can expect a lot of disruption when it comes to size, where oversized collars are placed as an accessory over the coats and bombers. When it comes to textile & colours, pastels shades were everywhere and in many types of materials, from denim to very technological ones. In the end, all played like a very pleasant orchestra.

Words by Luis de Oliveira.

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