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  • Alexis Negrín


Silhouettes. Colours. Modern Art!

When the past collides with the present in a playful background of multiple interventions, there is certainly to born a speechless piece of art. It was the case of the 2018 spring-summer fashion show of Kenzo. The past references came from one of the muses of Kenzo Takada - Sayoko Yamaguchi, while from the modern times, Ryuichi Sakamoto - a contemporary musician - was an inspiration to create styles full of enlightment. Like that, an Asian atmosphere was assembled and translated into colour-saturated shades contrasting with muted colours, progressive lines and a flair of irreverence. In that way, the designers - Carol Lim & Humberto Leon - made flourish the bold high-waist and belted pants bringing to the show the '50s baseball trousers motifs, and so, giving to men a strong power, character and a new individuality, allowing us to wear novel shapes & colours. This was graphically complemented with statements as "Love will make a better you" and prints. As everything great comes in doubles, this show presented as well the women's collection. In the end, if the show was about joy and fun, all the clothes spoke 'yourself'!

Words by Luis de Oliveira


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