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Over the skin of Marc Lüloh

Over the skin of Marc Lüloh, or should I say under?!

There are models & then, from time to time, appears people that were born to transcend the modelling world, placing it with strong sensations, social responsibility & like that ascending as our contemporary Heroes. Well, meet Marc Lüloh.

From an exquisite mixture of Spanish & German beauty, Marc started his career in Spain - his country - with 19 years old and just after two months, he did his first Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid & was named one the most promising models to break our hearts & frightening others. When it comes to first modelling jobs, who does that?!

Now, he is 23 years old and from Paris to New York Fashion Week he is a mandatory presence, not just in the shows, but in the magazines.

Curious to get ‘under the skin’ of Marc?

In 2014 you were named one of most promising Spanish models. How do you felt about that? For how long have you worked as a model before that prize?

I started in Madrid November 2013 and had the luck to do the David Delfin campaign as one of my very first modelling jobs and walked in January 2014 in the MBFW of Madrid for Ana Locking. After that, Glamour magazine Spain made an article about me as one of the most promising models of the season. This made me feel very honored and encouraged to keep doing my best and keep progressing in my career.

Before the modelling career, what did you have in mind for your work life?

After taking one school year off working as a waiter and getting different life experiences in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, I was just about to sign up for a Tourism and Hotel management degree in Sydney, Australia. However, right then, I started modeling and decided to seize that opportunity to the fullest traveling around the world and figuring out where this chapter of life could take me as I could decide to sign up for the degree in Australia twice a year.

During your dazzling career, you are having the opportunity to work on the fashion weeks that are on the calendar of any fashionista. What fashion week makes your heart pumps faster? & Why?

Milan was the first fashion week I did after my debut show in Madrid. That was also my first modelling experience outside of Spain and I lived for the first time what it means to do an entire fashion week: 10 to 15 castings a day, waiting for lines of hundreds of models trying to get chosen for the same show than you, fittings until 3 a.m. having the show the same morning. Literally, any moment of the day or the night you could get a call for a meeting that you have to be able to make the appointments already scheduled.

During a Fashion Week, what do you do to keep your wellbeing?

I prepare my meals. You never know at what time you are going to finish, and probably you will have to rush from one casting to the next one, in order to don’t miss any of them, and you won’t have enough time to go to a supermarket to buy something to eat so I would recommend anybody to have at least 3 meals plus fruits and nuts and 2 liters of water and/or juices ready in your backpack so you can refuel your body and mind with the ingredients needed to be able to make all the appointments without lacking energy. Something to read, to listen to or to entertain yourself, it is also very important not to waste time while you are waiting long periods of time at castings.

Any special collection that you would die for?

Not really, there so many special collections of so many different designers...

Did your tattoos get you in trouble for some fashion work? Any funny situation?

I already had 10 tattoos before I started modelling, so more than getting me in trouble I think they have helped me in my career. But sometimes people read my “GRACIAS” “TERAPIA” tattoo and have wrong prejudgements about it until they ask me the reasons for having this tattoos. All my tattoos are positive experiences, lessons or memories I want to remember forever, that’s why I decided to wear them on my skin for the rest of my life.

Time to time, your style is under the camera's lens. How do you describe your style?

Since I have memory, my mother has always allowed me to choose my clothes and sneakers to go to school, so this made me decided the style I felt comfortable with since I was a little kid. I have always liked bright colors, combining different pieces that have nothing in common in style but if I liked them this didn't matter to me. I have always kept this way of dressing myself till today, putting together any kind of outfits without

thinking how others will perceive me. Be you and be proud of who you are. It’s your life, your style, you should wear whatever you like.

You have about 134k followers on Instagram. Is there any secret or special thought that you have before one of your photos reach all of these million people?

In the time we live now with so many bad and unfair things happening, I want to spread out positives thoughts, feelings, conclusions I have learned, whatever can help someone and/or make a positive impact in someone that read my messages. I use my modeling pictures to get the attention of people that don’t know me, but my messages are the ones that I want to reach to as many people as possible. I feel blessed every time I receive a grateful and positive message back about one of my posts. That is my biggest social media motivation, to make a positive impact in the world besides my modeling work.

Blog, is there on your must-do list?

Whatever you like, there will be a blog to discuss and share opinions and advice about it. I read mostly about nutrition, sports and health blogs, to keep learning and trying out new things and see if they make sense and work for me. And soon I want to publish my own posts as a type of blog on the website I am building at the moment.

Social responsibility is getting into every profession, even in the fashion world. What that means for you as a model & do you have any special social issue that you care about?

Social responsibility means for me to be aware of the impact and consequences of any of my acts in the life of others. As a model, specially younger people look up to you and pay more attention to what you do and what you pursue in life. If I would spread a materialistic and superficial way of life on my social media I would create envy and insecurities in people that want to have the same life than I do, but if I appreciate every single aspect and moment of life and I feel grateful for it I create that people care more about the 'luck' of what they have instead of focusing only on getting what they don't have yet. This is the most important social responsibility for me, to remind people of simple but important things in life, a lot of people forget to chase their goals and dreams.

Anyone of us has a kind of a HERO in our life, do you have one?

Yes, I do. My number one hero in life with no doubt is my mother. She has shown me every day of my life that anything is possible if you give your best every single day, it’s only a matter of time that you will achieve all your goals and purposes in life. She has overcome any issue in life, being a single mother for me and my sister and she has never shown any little possibility of giving up. This mentality is the one I have soaked up from her and know will get me wherever I want in life. She is my hero.

Any project that would make you feel the HERO of your own life?

To be able to give a good and stable life to my family and on top of that, being able to make better the life of as many people in the world as I can, in any kind of aspect with any kind of help they may need to have a better today and a brighter tomorrow, I would definitely feel like a hero because I’ll know I have accomplished good for others and not only for myself. The more I can help others the more I would feel like a hero.

Marc Lüloh at UNO (SP), ONE (NY), PRM (UK).

Written by Luis de Oliveira

Photography Menelik Puryear

in exclusive for The Pink Prince #002 Hero.

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