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  • Alexis Negrín

Grooming EYE CARE

When it comes to dermatological facial prevention, usually, young people lack in creams specific to eye care. Like that, most of our life the products that we apply over our skin does not have any or too little effect because of many physiologic, anatomic and product related reasons. As the years cross by our face, we realise that many problems can affect the orbital eye region. From fatigue eyes to wrinkles, the prevention since your 27th anniversary is a mandatory ritual.

To do it right, always remember that the eye area is the most sensitive area of the face, having also special characteristics. Therefore, there are specific creams that must be applied from the innermost to the outermost part of the eye orbit. After doing it, you are ready to apply the other facial creams. Easy, right?!

Written by Luis De Oliveira

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