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  • Alexis Negrín

Takara Wong S/S17

"Love to Hate Me"

Bangkok-based menswear label Takara Wong introduces their Spring/Summer 2017 collection,"Love to Hate Me," inspired by the forbidden underground racing culture of Japan.

Fascinated by the lifestyle of Tokyo’s underground gang culture, Bangkok-based menswear label Takara Wong looked to the rough, rowdy and sometimes violent scenes of Bosozoku, illegal night racing gangs, as inspirations for his Spring/Summer 2017 collection,"Love to Hate Me,"

In his second collection, Takara Thakorn Wannawong, Creative Director and Designer at Takara Wong, blended silhouettes of workwear and sportswear together; for example, racing gear combined with punk rock details such as bold graphics and statement text. Wong aimed to express the adrenaline rush of racing, escaping the law, being an outcast and youth’s recklessness through "Love to Hate Me," The collection’s colorways of black, red and purple are inspired by the light and sound of the underground clubs and smoke from race car fumes as well as the rebellious attitudes of the sub-culture.

Electronic drum & bass music was also a point of inspiration, resulting in a special glow in the dark print technique presented in items such as Fluorescent Biker Jacket crafted from leather, Glow in the Dark Plaid Trench Coat, Plastic Bucket Hat and Baggy Jeans with Silver Chain. Japanese punk rock elements can be seen in an embroidery technique on the Bosozoku Jacket along with materials such as net, leather and polyester suede. Sporty items inspired from racing included Racing Overalls, Bomber Jacket and Buttoned Track Pants.

Discover Takara Wong’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection,"Love to Hate Me,"

available now at

Creative Director/Designer: Takara Thakorn Wannawong


IG: @takarawong_official

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