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  • Alexis Negrín

Introducing Don Aretino

“Don’t Drop the Soap” takes inspiration from a notable 1978 academic paper by University of California Berkeley anthropologist Alan Dundes, titled ‘Into the End Zone for a Touchdown: A Psychoanalytic Consideration of American Football.’

A written essay about how closely football and its language and goals mirror sex and homoerotic gestures, it investigates a game that serves as a male initiation ritual, which manifests both physical and cultural values of masculinity.

This collection emphasizes looking at this sport in such a manner of sarcasm that gradually its whole structure and goals are understand.

collection by Don Aretino,

Photographed by Ryan Tandya

Styled and directed by Tomas C. Toth

Hair and make up by Lavern Marquez

Models: Niklas Schiller, Peer Liening-Ewert, Mike Pishek

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