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  • Saroj Spickett

Pronounce AW19 - LFWM

Pronounce unveiled his Autumn/Winter 2018 collection during London Fashion Week Men's.

It’s often said that people are ‘rays of sunshine’. Pronounce have taken a similar idea - that each individual is a beam of light - and and made a collection out of it. Their fourth London exhibition showcased an incredibly wearable collection. Oversized blazers, loose fitting trousers and cosy jackets proved the versatility of relaxed tailoring. Loose fitting chequered suits were layered with slim fitting jumpers and cardigans were given a new status by lengthening them into winter coats with giant, metal buttons.

Most notably was the neon piping that embellished many of the pieces. Of course, this emphasised the core message of the collection, but also gave the brand a trademark; something that makes them easily recognisable. Who knows, maybe Pronounce’s neon piping could be the next Louboutin sole. You heard it here first.

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