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  • Alexis Negrín


Men are proudly cohabiting the yoga studio, and sportswear brands are tailoring to the demand with innovative and ethical materials. Men’s yoga clothes are becoming more stylish and ecologically friendly. It’s a simple activity with minimal equipment, so you can treat yourself to something comfortable with a worthy cause to work out in.


Yoga is about movement so anything from yoga leggings to a tracksuit is ideal. For a range of options, take a look at this website. Choose looser or stretchy options, rather than tight base layers for yoga. You’re essentially looking for the most lightweight activewear you can find, you barely need to know you’re wearing it. You can do yoga barefoot, which makes it pretty economical as a sport. The main piece of equipment you will need is a yoga mat.


Opt for a sustainable brand for both your yoga workout clothes and mat. SAMVEGA produces handmade, ethical yoga clothes for men. Their mission is to offer high-quality well-designed products with a big social and ethical impact. Every item from t-shirts, shorts to leggings, is made from organic cotton thread or recycled polyester yarn.

They also work with a manufacturer Work+Shelter which provides skills and training and employment to women in need in India. Their work is completely fairtrade when it comes to employee wages and ethical standards.

Bamboo Clothing offers lightweight air jerseys that are perfect for yoga. Their innovative fabric also has a UPF rating of 50+, which means it blocks UV rays and is perfect for working out in the sun. The brand prides itself on making soft, sustainable clothing from you guessed it, bamboo. Bamboo is a very sustainable resource as its quick-growing trees restock the forest.


If you’re searching for the right equipment, have a look at these luxury brands of ethically sourced yoga mats. They’re an ideal choice for working out at home or in a studio and have been sustainably produced.

Valka Yoga creates yoga mats from only organic cork and natural rubber. They also plant a tree for every yoga mat sold. These quality sustainable yoga mats come with unique designs and decorations and are perfectly functional and durable.

Gaiam offers eco-friendly cork and natural jute mats, and also meditation chairs made from recycled materials including rattan and kapok. One of Gaiam’s declared competencies is a commitment to sustainable healthy living.

Sundried sell both yoga clothing and equipment such as durable and ecological jute yoga mats. Their eco-friendly products are both stylish and sustainable. They also offer a free downloadable yoga guide with every purchase.

These ethical and sustainable yoga brands help to keep the good vibes flowing. Do something good for your mind and body without worrying about your conscience. You don’t have to stop at yoga brands, take a look at this ultimate guide to sustainable activewear in 2020. You can shop for all your fitness needs guilt-free this summer.

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