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  • Alexis Negrín


If you are a man’s man, do you even know what this even means? The days of alpha male masculinity being a sign of attractiveness to women are pretty much long gone. The age of the metrosexual is here. It’s now okay for men to care about their skin, moisturise, and partake in a spot of grooming. You need to consider how you are going to protect your masculine visage as you age. Crows feet and liver spots needn’t be a dead cert for you. Take a look at these male beauty regime hints and hacks that can see you looking good for longer.


It’s crucial that you don’t just splash some soap and water on your face in an effort to remain well groomed. As your skin ages, your face can become a little saggier. You need to cleanse, moisturise and exfoliate. Don’t worry - this doesn’t mean that you have to be in the bathroom for hours every morning perfecting your skincare regime. Instead, find a moisturiser for dry skin. This is a good go-to cream as it tends to be thicker and more resilient. You need to have a sound skincare regime to protect your pores from the harshness of car exhaust fumes, pollution, and long working days.

Facial Hair

If you are keen on maintaining a well groomed beard or you long to grow a handlebar moustache, think about heading to the professionals to keep your facial hair well-coiffed. Heading to a master barbers means that you can take advantage of their luxury treatments for your beard and moustache. You could opt for an expert beard design, cut and wax to maintain your style. These barbers offer a hot towel treatment and love the golden era of dandies and fops. The bigger the beard, the better. You will be in expert hands if you want to keep a beard that is well oiled and fragranced with a sweet scent.


Men age in the same way as women. While the silver fox look can be pulled off by the likes of George Clooney, most men tend to worry about looking like decrepit old fogies as their hair begins to fall out and wrinkles set in. While you might not be able to exude a youthful glow forever, you can keep your skin from ageing too fast. Apply sunscreen at all times to ensure that the sun doesn’t do lasting damage to your pores. Always consider an eye balm to focus on the more delicate areas of your face. These have hyaluronic acid in them to tighten the fat cells in your skin. Ageing may seem like a long way off, but begin a male beauty regime now, and your exfoliation, moisturising and cleansing will be like second nature.

Use a lip balm that prevents your lips from cracking and ageing. You can even find a balm that has an SPF of 50 meaning that sun damage and burning won’t occur.

Just because you are a guy doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to care about your looks and appearance. Embrace a beauty and skincare regime to make sure that you remain happy and content with your looks as you age.


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