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  • Alexis Negrín

The Urban Expeditionary Man, A Fall And Winter Classic

As the fall draws in, autumn fashion will become a very hot topic of discussion. Since fashion has all but ground to a halt due to the pandemic, the classic styles are making a comeback. The expeditionary man is a classic staple, that is both rugged, practical, and yet, very cool. It uses some of the most trusted fashion items and brings them forward into a modern era. Even more so, is how the urban styles have adopted this style that is usually seen in the countryside, to be their own. Let’s now, dive deeper into this style and see what makes it so appealing to those that want subtle statements rather than loud and bold announcements.

The classic jacket

The fall has some very cool staples which have stood the test of time. The parka jacket is by far, the most recognized type of fall jacket. It's not only rectangular so it covers your entire torso, but it can be designed in such a way that it actually doesn't limit movement. It also has chest pockets that can be utilized for practical means, like storing a lighter, your smartphone, keys, wallet, and gloves. The parka is perhaps the best of all mens winter jackets because it has such variation in style. You can select any color and it can be cool. Yellow, green, blue, red, white, purple! Any color is accepted in this style because it is so versatile by its very nature.

Plain rugged denim

Ripped jeans, patched jeans, skinny jeans, slim fit, etc, all of these new denim styles are very popular. But, the classic straight fit plain jeans that don’t have any discoloration are the ultimate, classic statement. They are inherent, more rugged, and stronger. They can withstand the cold and rain, and the dirt. Because of their simple design, they can also lock in much of your own body’s warmth. Take a look at the classic Levi dark denim straight fit jeans that are so popular. The thicker seams on the edges add to the style because they retain the shape of the jeans for a lot longer. These won’t get ‘floppy’ after a lot of use. And they can be washed a lot and they won’t lose their color either.

Boots for the urbanist

Desert boots are sometimes seen in the countryside and it's because they are designed to be tough, rugged and yet, easy to put on and take off. Their history is from the British armed forces fighting in North Africa during World War Two. Given to British soldiers as standard kit, the desert boots had the ability to traverse sand dunes and not bog down into the ground, helping the soldiers to march. Leather desert boots in a tan shade are the best way to finish off this outfit. The sleek low-cut design is perfect to wear with jeans as the contrast of blue and brown, giving off that perfect rugged but stylish look.

The urban expeditionary man is a classic style and one of the most successful examples of how a country-style can make the urban environment it's own home.


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