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  • Alexis Negrín


New Balance and brand ambassador Jaden Smith are launching a new, sustainable silhouette

In cooperation with brand ambassador Jaden Smith, the global sporting goods manufacturer New Balance has designed, designed and developed a new silhouette - the NB Jaden Smith Vision Racer. The Vision Racer combines classic New Balance design with Jaden's unique, bold style. The daring silhouette breaks all design boundaries and paves the way for sustainable shoes at New Balance. The model will be available from selected retailers and online at from July 24th.

As an iconic "change maker", Jaden embodies New Balance's "Fearlessly Independent" philosophy. While his work in the fashion and music industry contradicts all conventions, he also shows a high level of environmental awareness and love for people and thus addresses global issues and how they affect his generation.

"Common values ​​for the transformation of the status quo; remain true to oneself; give something back to the community; Respecting heritage while shaping an independent future is the foundation of the relationship between New Balance and Jaden Smith, ”said Chris Davis, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of merchandising at New Balance.

From the start of the collaboration, Jaden not only worked with New Balance to create a new silhouette, but also got to know the process of shoe manufacture from design and development to manufacturing and logistics in the supply chain. Jaden's interest in sustainability and his passion for contemporary, progressive fashion, coupled with his penchant for New Balance products, led to the "vision" behind the NB Jaden Smith Vision Racer.

The Vision Racer is based on Jaden's favorite models - the sporty X-Racer and the classic 1700. Both silhouettes combine the classic New Balance design with Jaden's contemporary aesthetics. Each element of the Vision Racer contains partially recycled materials and no animal materials were used in the production. The use of sustainable materials for the Vision Racer has decisively driven the modernization of New Balance's supply chain.

The NB Jaden Smith Vision Racer:

• EVA-Regrind midsole: The midsole contains 5% EVA-Regrind, which reduces a potential waste stream.

• Partly recycled insole: The foam of the insole consists of a combination of 6% castor oil, 15% recycled foam, 5% recycled rubber and 74% brand new PU. The heel consists of 98% residual foam and rubber from post-production.

• Recycled plastic upper: The synthetic leather is made of PU, which is layered on a thin polyester base, and is a proven alternative to conventional leather. The thin polyester base made of synthetic leather consists of 60% recycled polyester.

• Recycled polyester: The upper material and the upper lining, tongue textile and small belt straps are made of 100% recycled polyester. The large tongue band is made of 70% recycled polyester, consisting of post-consumer plastic and 30% reflective yarn.

Other features of the Vision Racer are reflective details on the tongue, the N logo and the top reflectors, which ensure visibility at night. In addition, the Vision Racer has a rubber tip that provides durability to support Jaden's active lifestyle while performing and skateboarding; and a pointed, icy outsole with "vision" print. The Vision Racer appears in the color Wavy Baby Blue. More colors will be launched later this year.

Available July 24th, 2020 New Balance

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