• Alexis Negrín


After months of being stuck inside, it's only natural that you've lost a little confidence in knowing how to look in the coronavirus era. However, now is the perfect time to fix up and start investing in your fashion style once more. It won't just bolster your look; it'll restore your confidence too.

Here are five simple steps to looking your best in the final months of 2020 and into 2021. You've got this.

Dress For The Season

Sure, it's important to add a little individual personality to your style. Before doing this, though, it's never a bad idea to familiarise yourself with the hottest trends. This includes considering the AW'20 fashion as well as the SS'21 ranges. Even if you aren't ready to buy a new wardrobe just yet, it's vital that you take notes on colours, products, and more. It will allow you to enter the marketplace with far greater confidence, which is a telling ingredient in the recipe for rocking a winning look.

Accessories Are Vital

Choosing the right outfits is one thing, but you cannot unlock the full potential of your style without good accessories. H Hogarth's jewellry and watches can bring an entire outfit to life. Whether it's smart casual or smart attire, there's no doubt that a classic and detailed timepiece or bracelet will catch the attention. Following the lockdown, standing out is probably something most of us want to achieve over the months to come. If accessories can help you achieve this goal, it would be very foolish to ignore their quality.

Size Matters

Sorry guys, but it does. However, this isn't solely about whether you've put on a few pounds during the lockdown period. More importantly, you need to dress appropriately with clothing items that actually fit. Persisting with clothes that are either too tight or too big will ruin your look. Knowing how to measure your chest, waist, and inner leg properly is vital. After all, there's a very strong chance that you will be completing most of your clothes shopping online for the next few months.

Appreciate Your Underwear

You cannot build your dream house without first putting the foundation in place. Guess what? You cannot expect to see the best results from your fashion choices unless you've made smart underwear choices. Calvin Klein boxer shorts remain a good standard choice. However, understanding the differences between briefs, boxers, and trunks is still vital. The right comfort and support will actively help you carry your clothes with better results. Base layer supportive vests may be a wise choice for some people too.

Grooming Is Crucial

Hair and beauty shouldn't be something limited to women. Good grooming for men will make a world of difference. It should never be an afterthought. The right beard oils and hair tonics can work wonders for the health and look of facial hair. Meanwhile, finding a good hairstyle can shape your face and supplement your attire. For the very best results, it's equally important to consider skincare and general healthcare too. When these features are in place, you'll rediscover your aesthetic confidence in no time.