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  • Alexis Negrín


If you regularly transport yourself places on your motorcycle, you’ll know that there are certain things you must wear for safety reasons. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up looking fashionable and stylish when you’re traversing the country on your bike!

With that in mind, there are some fashion style tips that you should consider if you want to upgrade your motorcycle attire. Take a look at these inspirational fashion style tips to keep looking great when you’re out and about on your motorcycle:

1. Branded Is Best

Some motorcycle owners may prefer to wear clothing that shows off the passion for their particular brand of bike. The fashion-conscious among you might feel that wearing such branded attire isn’t very trendy, but you can still pull off a stylish look with such clothing.

For example, suppose you own a BMW motorcycle. In that case, it might surprise you to find incredibly stylish BMW motorcycle clothing that is perfect for people that spend much of their time riding along inner-city roads.

2. Leather Knee-High Boots for the Rugged Look

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast that spends much of your time away from suburban areas, you’ll likely want to sport a more rugged look when you ride your bike. As you can appreciate, there are endless fashion possibilities for achieving that look.

One article of clothing that is an essential must-have for any journey on the open road is leather knee-high boots. They will form a crucial part of your arsenal of heavy-duty clothing hardware and boast enormous safety benefits.

3. Leather Pants

There’s a fine line between looking chic and wearing clothing that promotes safety on the road. Thankfully, leather pants are a timeless classic for both men and women. Leather pants look great, feel fantastic, and will help protect you in the event of an accident.

The only downside, of course, is they can make you feel a bit sweaty on a hot summer’s day. However, if leather isn’t for you, it’s worth considering selvedge denim jeans are equally chic to wear and also give you some protection on the road.

4. Aviator Sunglasses

It doesn’t matter whether you’re out in the middle of a summer’s day or are traveling through an area on a particularly cloudy day. You should always have the right eye protection to prevent you from getting dazzled by the sun or the glare from oncoming vehicles.

Sunshades offer the right protection from UV exposure, and they’re the one item of motorcycle attire where you have a limitless choice of options! The Aviator look is another timeless classic that you should consider as part of your motorcycle clothing attire.

5. Leather Jacket

Leather features heavily on this roundup of fashionable motorcycle clothing because it’s both trendy and offers safety advantages over other materials. When looking at leather jackets, you’ll find a raft of options from the timeless classics to ‘armored’ examples.

What’s more, you can buy leather motorcycle jackets in a range of colors, so you’re not limited to the classic black leather jacket look. They are also a great choice in general if you’ve lost your way somewhat in your casual clothing!


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