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  • Alexis Negrín


When going on a night out with the boys, there is no reason why you shouldn’t dress up and have

fun too. After having been within the confines of our own homes for so long throughout lockdown,

many people are itching for a night out and are wanting to do it properly, meaning dressing up for it

too. Going on a night out that requires a bit of outfit planning can be much more fun in many cases

and will help you feel more excited for the night. If you are going somewhere classy on a night out,

you should pick an outfit that will match this. If you are looking for ideas, look no further!

Add In A Unique Designer Element

Firstly, adding in a unique designer element to your outfit is one of the first ways to make your outfit

instantly more classy. This will show everyone around you that you know your stuff when it comes to

style and you have an eye for detail. Most people don’t own loads of designer items due to the

expensive price tags attached to them, but it can be nice to have one or two things that you have

splashed out on and add to your wardrobe. When picking a designer label to wear, why not go for

one that is classic and timeless? This way, you won’t be hopping on a trend, rather you will be

making an investment. Check out the full Burberry range offered by SSENSE if you seriously want to

impress. Burberry is a really safe choice but will always impress, but this retailer also sells other top

designer brands.

Stick To A Color Theme

Sticking to a color theme is another good way to show that you are fashion conscious. There is

nothing worse than seeing a mismatched outfit – even if the individual elements of the outfit are

nice, if they do not go together then this can ruin the whole thing. Depending on whether you are

bold and outgoing or more introverted, either stick to a neutral color theme or a bright one.

Whatever it is, own it! Confidence means you can rock anything, so just have faith in what you are


Amp Up Your Accessories

Accessories are another perfect thing to wear for a night out – they are a great addition to any outfit

and can bring something from being pretty boring to looking incredible. Accessories also look really

cool in photos, so make sure you get a good range of pictures before going on your night out. Good

accessories include a watch (both practical and stylish!), a cool belt, and a nice wallet. With all of

these, even the plainest outfit can be made to look classy.

Going on a night out isn’t all about appearances, but knowing you look good can increase your

confidence and help you enjoy your night out to a greater extent. Make sure you match your outfit

to your location though, it is always worth doing a little research into it beforehand!


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