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  • Noor Zouitina


The weekend begins with Louis Vuitton's new collaboration with NBA, the news has

managed to captivate us with this glorious and unexpected launch.

The collection designed by Virgil Abloh, aims to merge luxury with sport, in a fresh but

traditional way. Without a doubt the sporty style of the 1990s was on Abloh's mind

during the creation of this new project. The main reference in his designs are the

streets of Chicago, the sports designer Don C has collaborated in the creative process

of the collection.

“Don C in my canon is the modern godfather of luxury of a new type, the fusion with

the lineage of sport.

This collection we designed for Louis Vuitton and NBA breathes different air that only

his influence of him radiating from the Windy City extend to global proportions, very

much “Hoop Dreams” od a different type.”, Said Virgil Abloh in Instagram.

In the new commercial editorial shown on social media, Abloh's philosophy,

multiculturalism and unity are highlighted as essential main values ​​in basketball. Urban

style as a central title with models that celebrate the reference, highlighting the

bomber style jackets, basketball pants and basket nets, all with the brand's logo.

It is official, the 1990s basketball mania is back, and it will be available from Friday May

28th at Louis Vuitton boutiques, do not miss your opportunity!

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