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  • Alexis Negrín


Allsaints unveiled its Campaign for Spring 2021.

H O P E S P R I N G S I N F E R N A L AllSaints celebrates the emergence of Spring with its latest seasonal collection, Hope Spring Infernal. Spring sees AllSaints continue to develop its commitment to conscious clothing, with staggered drops through the season of denim, sweats and Ts, designed and produced with reduced water-waste in mind. And where better to visually document a collection which addresses the importance of water than the place where water is most scarce-the desert. Shot against the vivid pink landscapes of the predominantly dry Owens Lake in California, the desert backdrop becomes a potent symbol of our collective need to preserve water. The imagery's depiction of nature and the environment, space and escapism, and the optimism of youth, presents both a timely reminder and message of hope. Much of our collection is produced in factories using innovative water saving and water recycling processes. The specialist machinery and techniques can use up to 89% less water than traditional methods. Across both genders for the Spring collection over 70% of pieces have sustainable elements and hope to keep increasing this number till we reach 100%

REDUCED WATER DENIM COLLECTION A special capsule collection for Spring which uses 50% less water and electricity. These select pieces are washed in 'Rainforest Machines' which save 50%water in comparison to conventional machines. They also use 50% less steam, electricity, chemicals, processing time and pumice stones. All coloured Denim in the collection are also washed in special 'Rainbow Machines'.


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