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  • Alexis Negrín


Fly State unveiled its Capsule No. 1"FREEDOM IS A STATE OF MIND"

Fly State is a brand and a community that caters to the youth and the free thinkers and expressors.

In society today there are too many popularity contests where people lose a part of themselves to "fit in" and "rub elbows with the cool kids". We stand up for the quiet kid in the back of the class who has so much to say and give to the world, those who express themselves freely without the fear of judgement of others and to ultimately stay true to themselves, their morals and beliefs.

We state that Freedom is a State of Mind and can be achieved by the message and mindset we portray to our community. Stand up for what you believe in and who and what you represent. We are only a catalyst to ignite and let the individual see their true voice and potential within.

Production: @danwhelan121

Direction: @arannmc @danwhelan121

Photography: @arannmc

Models: @t52470357 @th_liwia @davidsoloa @jordancassidyxcx

Videography: @babygirlfilms @moreinvolved

MUA: @katecarterbeauty

Stylist: @danwhelan121

Music by: @mackcyy

BTS: @itsdigitaldash @bits._

Agencys: @herculesmodels @notanother.intl @rosmodelmanagement

Extras: @aksent.gram @mackcyy @sean.oreilly_ @alanleahy65 @sophie_tarzan @byadrianno


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