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  • Alexis Negrín


Naughty and nice, hard and soft, Lazoschmidl and Saskia Diez launch art edition cockring

Lazoschmidl continues the jewellery collaboration with Saskia Diez presenting cockring necklaces in rare stones and minerals, handcarved and polished in a family-run stonecutters workshop in a small German town.

The limited edition is characterized by its individual marble effect surface and a soothing colour range that gives it a soft, buttery, candy-like feel, collectible candy.

“It was about time to make cockrings pretty and adorable and free them from sleazy connotations and clichés. From the darkroom into the spotlight. Let them eat cock and cake.” - LAZOSCHMIDL

Attached with an engraved love lock to a necklace, the luxury cockring can be worn as an accessory. Once unlocked, it fulfils its original yet highly decorative and seductive purpose.

“I loved the idea of doing a cockring that looks juicy, joyful and fun, that can be worn as adornment with a secret function and is not hidden in the back of a drawer. I especially love the gesture of unlocking it from your necklace with that little key from the love lock, as part of the foreplay.” - Saskia Diez.

Thanks to the process of pulverization, the reconstructed semiprecious stones are particularly stable and resistant when being dropped accidentally.

The cockring necklace (250 Euro) will be available from Decemeber 2020 at the online stores of LAZOSCHMIDL and Saskia Diez, as well as the Tom Of Finland Store, Los Angeles.

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